The Process


Process Step 01

Step 1 | Collect your
Clinical sterillisation wrap

Collect the sterilisation wraps that are used daily
by doctors and nurses, costly surgical waste
used to be a burden on the health care industry.


Process Step 02


Step 2 | The Sterimelt Machine

Put the waste in to an easy to use, one push button start
machine - 'The Sterimelt' which will convert your waste product
in to a solid material that can be used for other uses.
Great for the environment and business. 

Process Step 03


Step 3
| Take out the profit

The newly formed blocks can now be sold for profit!
This can be used to re-manufacture other products all done within the UK.
Importantly removing your wastage costs and being 
environmentally friendly - reducing your overheads, and making a profit!

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