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A world first technology for the sustainable recycling of clinical sterilisation wrap used in healthcare across the world.

small-logo Turns a disposal cost into a revenue

small-logo Reduces Wrap density by up to 85%

small-logo Single push button operation on Sterimelt, operator free for other duties

small-logo Saves clean waste from being mingled with hazardous waste

small-logo Processed blocks are used in the UK for re-manufacture of plastic products

small-logo Decreases transport cost and frequency

small-logo Sterilises the processed blocks

small-logo Easy load and empty one man operation.

small-logo Fitted telemetry to record cycles and machine use

small-logo Environment Agency Compliant in England, Wales, Scotland and N.I.

small-logo Processed blocks are inert, odourless, impervious to the elements and safe to store.

small-logo Sustainable process, assists a circular economy.

small-logo World First, Multi Award winning technology.





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