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LATEST UPDATE - 17/06/2019

**Following successful modifications and upgrades**

**We continue our interest in trialling "difficult mixed compressible" wastes with a minimum 20% plastic content**

**We have succesfully trialled and processed RDF, Astro Turf, Shredded Carpet and PET/Paper scrap from bottle shred lines**

**Please email us for more info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.**

MASSMELT processes virtually any compressible waste into a dense extruded log using a sophisticated heating and cooling system. It exploits the plastic and waxes present in a typical waste stream to encapsulate the remainder of the waste material as well as eliminating fluids to reduce its weight. This consequently reduces the total cost of transportation to landfill and landfill space requirements for any material that cannot be recycled.

The MASSMELT waste process is designed to dramatically reduce the volume of plastic and general waste to produce a compact and sanitised “log” that can be safely stored, recycled or disposed of. It is of particular use where space is at a premium and de-watering and mass volume reduction is needed. The unique design concept utilises both heat and pressure to transform feedstock into a dense extruded log that can be easily stored or transported with a minimum of space.

The principle of the machine operation is simple. Waste is introduced into a hopper and a powerful screw compaction auger crushes the material into a melt chamber where the plastic content of the material is plasticised at a high enough temperature to form a tough outer sanitised skin but significantly below the carbonisation temperature of the material.
The machine is very versatile and can be operated in hot or cold mode. The machine can be used in cold mode to densify cardboard, de-water general waste or simply as an efficient can crusher. The machine can be supplied with a range of optional extras including shredders, bin-lifters and haul off equipment.

MASSMELT is also economical as, unlike an extruder the machine uses a large reduction gearbox and a small drive to achieve compression which is assisted by both heating and cooling zones.

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The MASSMELT machine achieves volumetric reduction of the waste by optional shredding, compaction and thermal densification.
Waste is introduced into the hopper from above or by an interlocked hatch. The waste is presized by shredding, compacted with a conventional rotary compactor and then thermally processed in a heating and chilling zone before automatic ejection from the machine. In many instances, pre-shredding will not be necessary.

small-logo High-Calorific RDF Material

All plastic packaging is made by melting and forming plastic granules, the MASSMELT machine simply reverses this process at a temperature below the combustion level of the material and well below the temperature required to create emissions of VOC’s.

small-logo Pre-Treatment

Waste is pre-shredded to create a heterogeneous waste stream in which the lower melt temperature polymers can mix with the higher melt temperature polymers and encapsulate them during the thermal process at relatively low temperatures but at a temperature high enough to desiccate residual organic material and sanitize it.

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