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Manchester University has become the first in the UK and the World to acquire and embrace TCG's Styromelt Technology for Polystyrene (EPS) recycling on its main City Centre Campus 
Manchester University House Services are now able to collect polystyrene packaging* in the same way as they collect cardboard.
Polystyrene will be returned to the Environmental Services Unit Depot where it will be treated using a #Styromelt thermal compaction unit operated by Campus Cleansing. It will then be collected and re-processed by UK based recyclers who process it into pellets, after which, it is mainly used for making insulation products, or items such as seed trays, picture frames and garden furniture.

With only 4 days to go until this years Waste Expo in Las Vegas, 6th to 9th May. Tim Hourahine AMCIWM - ♻️Recycling Specialist♻️ & Phil Davison-Sebry would welcome the chance to speak with other companies interested in embracing our innovative equipment. This includes Sterimelt, Styromelt & Massmelt. Our technology can go into many different industries as long as they produce waste. Reduce your carbon footprint. Make your business and or organisations more sustainable. Help create a circular economy ♻️ 🌎

TCG were hugely proud to have been invited to the House of Lords on Friday 26th April 2019 as part of the East Africa Health Summit, hosted by Lord Dolar Popat of Harrow. Lord Popat was appointed as the UK’ Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Rwanda and Uganda in January 2016.

In amongst its radical healthcare improvement programme, the Ugandan Health Minister is keen to embrace TCG’s innovative Welsh recycling technology, Sterimelt, which has been developed for use in the UK NHS in order to assist in reducing NHS costs and its carbon footprint by turning NHS single use plastic waste into a resource.

Many 1,000s of polypropylene items are in use at any one time, in hospitals across the country, including healthcare consumables such as slide sheets, wraps and patient transfer sheets. 
Unfortunately, the majority of healthcare polypropylene consumables are either incinerated or sent to a landfill site.
It doesn’t have to be this way. The Sterimelt process can make a positive change for the environment.

The bosses of Coca-Cola and Pepsi promised Thursday that "huge progress" would be made by 2030 to reduce plastic waste, which contaminates humans, wildlife, and oceans.
Soft drink archrivals James Quincey and Ramon Laguarta participated in a panel on the plastic economy, a recurring theme at the World Economic Forum in Davos, alongside Dow Chemical boss Jim Fitterling and others.

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