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Highly motivated individual with good communication skills and the drive to perform beyond expectation. An eye for detail and opportunity and committed to achieving recognition as an informed person in my industry. From a hazardous waste background, I specialise in turnkey sustainable recycling solutions that improve your Company's bottom line and create a circular economy using innovative technology and patented equipment. With a vast network of likeminded individuals, I assist my clients and customers to:

  • Realise their environmental responsibility
  • Provide consultancy services on waste and recycling
  • Assist in sustainable solutions that create a circular economy
  • Improve profitability on waste costs and wherever practicable turn it into revenue




Director at Thermal Compaction Group. I was one of the first recruited member’s of TCG’s team when it started back in 2015. I was noticed for the leadership skills I had shown during my academic years, where I excelled at being the captain of numerous sports teams. I have had a passion for the environment since a young age, and this, combined with my ambitious attitude, meant it was natural for me to gravitate towards work at TCG. I was in charge of running the Sterimelt version 1 prototype on trial in our partner Welsh hospital during the two year testing period. I was then able to assist in engineering out any issues that had to be overcome in the 'live' working environment.

I am devoted to the ethos Thermal Compaction Group stands for, creating sustainable recycling solutions with a circular economy belief. I believe I bring energy and enthusiasm to the team and only hope that my work can contribute to making the world a better place by educating others about the importance of sustainable recycling. My role models include technology and engineering giants such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, not to mention my own father, Philip, who has been my hero and inspiration.

Goals and aspirations:

My vision of the future would be to play a small part in significantly reducing our global carbon footprint and protecting the earths core elements, rid the ocean’s, beaches and rivers of plastic pollution and ultimately improve the world’s environment and economy.




Married with 3 Children with 2 Grandchildren and lives in Cardiff. Born in Cardiff in 1957. I attended St Teilos High School Llanedeyrn and after leaving school worked as an Apprentice at C H Bailey Dry and attended Barnstaple College. After completing my apprenticeship I joined the Merchant Navy as an Engineering Officer. Upon leaving the Merchant Navy I worked for a short while for a local Engineering Company and set up my first Engineering business aged 24.

In 1991 I joined the Taylor and Sons Ltd family business and became the Group MD in 2001. In 2009 I went on to set up a group of smaller Companies and during 2012 reacquired the Technology for recycling Expanded Polystyrene and Polypropylene which now comes under the Thermal Compaction Group Ltd umbrella where I am the Group MD and Shareholder. My family has several business interests throughout South Wales ranging from Catering to Industrial/Decorative Painting and nothing excites me more than innovative new technologies providing social and environmental benefits. I consider my entrepreneurial love for business like a hobby.




David Scheeres is a serial inventor and a Director at Thermal Compaction Group Limited. He is proud to have worked with his fellow directors and team in Thermal Compaction Group for more than a decade. Two of David’s inventions have previously been awarded the Queens Award for Industry and his inventions include thermal compaction technologies and the award winning Sterimelt machine.

David is an advisor and board member of several companies and is the longstanding Chairman of Tenby Squadron ATC and Haverfordwest Target Shooting Club. David lives in Pembroke and has commuted to Cardiff since 2000.

If you have any questions relating to TCG feel free to call or email us - and we will be happy to respond.